Colour Restoration + Film Restoration

Restoration and Preservation

Bringing film back to life

Saku’s Jim Wicks is a recognised expert in the color restoration and preservation of 35mm classic motion pictures. Jim has lead teams of color artists, film restoration artists, and audio specialists who have restored more than 400 classic films from the “Golden Era of Mexican Cinema” (1930-1969).

Jim has personally color restored hundreds of films by some of the leading directors of their time: Luis Buñuel, Roberto Gavaldón, Rogelio A. González, Gilberto Martínez Solares, Julián Soler, and more.

Jim’s work has preserved the performances of such actors and actresses as: María Félix, Pedro Armendariz, Katy Jurado, Arturo de Córdova, Germán Valdés, “Tin Tan”. Silvia Pinal, Miroslava, Fernando Soler, and many, many more.

The vast array of films that Jim has color restored a wide spectrum of genres, including: Film Noir, Musicals, Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy, and dramas.