Lee Watson

VFX Compositor/Supervisor

Lee started making stop motion animation at 15 but accidentally melted his mum’s camera under a stage light – so websites and Flash animation became his new, safer, obsession. This slowly developed into film-making, and eventually he found Visual Effects and Compositing.

After finishing a degree in Media Production at Northumbria University, Lee made the move from the North East to London, where he has worked freelance for a decade on anything from music videos for The Prodigy, to feature films, to title sequences and graphics on various comedy TV shows. He has also worked on numerous commercial projects with companies such as BlinkInk and Academy Films, to name a few. Since then, he has supervised several TV projects for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky. After beginning to feel lonely working alone, he joins Author Productions…

Lee loves nothing more than a bit of film, theatre & comedy, and is obsessed with time travel, especially “Back to the Future”. He has also dreams to conquer every restaurant in London and someday own two dogs, breed TBD.